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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Falling into Place

I never thought the day would come when I would actually be transferring to a University.
The thought of being stuck at a community college was becomming a reality. I felt I couldn't escape.
I had been at Sacramento Community College since Fall 2007 busting my butt off taking 16-17 units each semester, always enrolled in summer school and working a part time job. I blame my first year on being behind because I hadn't fully been pursuing my major and felt I needed to explore other options before I commited. Needless to say I was 'stuck' when I decided Fall 2008 that I was definitely going to pursue teaching.
I quickly met with school counselors until I found two I adored. They mapped out the next 4 semesters for me and helped me find the quickest route out of there. They gave me the Liberal Studies guideline and told me to take every class listed, as it would be my key to getting into Sac State. I wasn't set on Sac State but it seemed as if that was what I was settling with. There were a lot of schools that I thought about but William Jessup University was always the school I wanted to attend. It had everything I wanted. It was close to home. It had a christian enviroment. I had the option of making friends for life and it had the teacher/student interaction I had been craving since high school when I attended Capital Christian. In a lot of ways these schools were very similar and I wanted that again. There were 2 things stopping me from looking deeper into WJU.......the GPA requirement and money, but I thought I'd fill out an application anyways.
I knew I wanted to complete all my general ed before I made any transfer decisions so I just didn't think about it. Well 4 semester became 6 as I found myself re-taking two classes that needed better grades. I was getting anxious to be done.
Fall 2010 Sac State announced that they weren't going to accept anymore students in the Spring semesters due to economic issues. I was so angry! I was planning on being done with my general ed just in time to transfer into Sac State Spring 2011. This would put me back another semester. How annoying!
By Spring 2010 I was done with all my general ed...except for math.
Math was the reason I couldn't apply for Sac State back in the fall and it would continue to be the reason why I wouldn't ever transfer. I tried just about every math teacher at city and I just couldn't do it. My brain cannot handle math.
I finished out the semester in May and signed up for summer school, again.

I got a random email from 'my' admissions counselor at William Jessup in early May asking for my offical transcripts so that WJU could process my application. I kept putting it off. I assumed that this was not where I was supposed to go.
In middle May I got notice that some of my not-so good grades had been approved to be removed from my transcript raising my GPA high enough to be accepted into WJU. I took this as a sign and had my offical transcripts sent via mail to Jessup. Not even a week later, my admissions counselor called me and sent me an email telling me I had offically been accepted into William Jessup University and that I would be getting my official letter in the mail soon.
I was shocked. I didn't know how to act.
It even took me a few days to post it on my facebook, which is rare. I had so many things to think about. Should I pursue this new dream? What about money?
I decided to talk about this with my mom because I knew that if my mom wasn't okay with it then I wouldn't be going. To my surprise she was all for it and that was where my journey began.
It all happened so fast....

*End of May--Acceptance letter
*Beginning of June--multiple emails being sent back and forth finding out every detail
*" "--set on living at home, going to school twice a week and working the other days.
*Middle of June--meeting with my admissions counselor, realizing living at home wouldn't be that easy
*Middle of June--Found out I only needed 2 more math classes at Jessup vs. 5 at City!! PTL!
*Late June--Decided to live on campus
*6/25--Paid my deposit
*7/5--Got my apt #
*7/9--Registered for classes
*8/1--I find out my roommate
*8/2--$$$ for fall semester due
*8/21--Move in day
*8/21-8/24--New Student Orientation
*8/25--I start school!!!

Less than 6 weeks and I'll be living a new dream.
Closer to graduating.
Closer to my B.A.
According to Jessup I have 5 more semesters left.
I'm praying, hoping and wishing it will be less than that but I'm good with 5 if that's how it plays out.
I never thought this would happen, I'm doing it, I'm really doing it....FINALLY.


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  1. I know I am WAY behind, but I love reading this now! Now that you are living it out :) so happy for you. Can't wait to hear more updates.