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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I always pictured a roommate being someone I knew nothing about. A nobody that would turn into a somebody.
Today, I was proven wrong. I did indeed know my roommate, not very well I might add but I still knew her.
When you go to a small christian high school you tend to know everyone and Kaitlin is one of those everyone's.
At first I was nervous and felt uncomfortable. Since she was a grade younger than me in high school I didn't know how I treated her or if I had ever said a rude comment to her. I'm hoping no.....but I'm determined to ask just to make sure.
Already friends on facebook, we chatted about our room and what we were bringing. My nervousness has left me and I am relieved. I'm also excited to have found out that yet another fellow Capital Christian alumni is in my apartment unit this year. Her name is La Wanda, she's so fun! This year will be amazing, no doubt. Excited to see what God has in store and the reasoning for bringing us all back together. :)
I've also changed rooms. I'm now on the 2nd floor. Excited for this.
So excited for life.

LOVE. <3

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  1. Such wonderful news. A great journey awaits. Excited to see where God takes you through this new adventure!