Mikey and Marie

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My 'last' summer...

My summer has been all about work and school so far. I've been with Nugget now for 60 days and thankfully I still love it. I hardly get any time with Mikey anymore and it just makes me think about how this upcoming semester will be even more difficult since I'll be living on campus, working and going to school. I'm sad to think that if I'm lucky I might see him once a week. I'm just so eager for us to get married and spend our forever together. To think that in 147 days we will never have to say 'goodbye' to one another at the end of the night, we can just say goodnight and wake up the next day.... together forever.
This summer is bittersweet for me. It's my last summer living at home. My last summer of summer school. My last summer as a 'Petropoulos'. My life is about to change in a drastic yet exciting way. I'm eager to see how God will use us as a married couple, I know He has great things planned. I'm eager for so many things. In 147 days my life will have new meaning. It might be hard at times, but it'll be totally worth it. I'm so blessed.

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