Mikey and Marie

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Almost Mrs. Higley!

So here we are 2 weeks, 4 days to go. I'm not feeling overwhelmed about the wedding at all. We actually finished most of the planning that we could back last Spring and over the summer :) I am just trying to stay afloat in my schoolwork. It's so overwhelming to think that I will be done with the semester next week (because I'm crazy and taking my finals early!) I have a ton of busy work to do and presentations to give, but I see the end... come next Thursday I will be home free and can really focus on the wedding and be so much more excited about it!!
I am SO excited though to be Mikey's wife. I think about it daily. I think about our home and the new memories we will make together. I think about our meals together. I think about our chores. I think about our future children. I think about how we will interact on a daily basis. I just cannot believe that we met 7 years ago in 2005, not knowing where it would take us (I thought no where..he didn't like me very much). I was stoked when we started dating in 2007 and engaged in 2010 and now married in 2011. Our lives are an adventure and I just cannot wait to embark!

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  1. Oh man. First biggest loser and now this...I am a blubbering mess! So excited for you. Your marriage. Your lifelong friendship. I pray you laugh together, daily. Love you.