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Monday, August 9, 2010

Roommate Pt. 2

So the roommate I mentioned in my previous post is now living off campus with one of her teammates. I have mixed feelings about this because it's 2 weeks before school starts and I don't know who will be living with me. When I talked to student life they had mentioned that they will be on the look out for any last minute students deciding to come to WJU and if any of those girls meet my roommate criteria then they will be placed with me but if not then I will be on my own until Spring semester because they are anticipating more students in the spring. I mean I'm totally fine with being alone in my room...I live that way now, but if I do have a new roommate I just hope she's someone I can live with for the school year : ) Praying for her whoever she is, even if I don't meet her until spring. Excited to meet new people though! Already met 1 girl from my apt today when I moved our FANTASTIC...FREE couch over there! The athletes moved in today so I had the oppurtunity to drive there and meet new faces and learned that just me and *possibly* one other girl in my apartment will be the only newbies to WJU this semester. Fun!
10 more days and I'll be officially moved on campus....loving this!!


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