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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tanning Expert

I will be a tanning expert starting March 15th. I start my NEW job at California Sun Centers! :) So thankful for a job closer to school, better hours, better pay and the ability to transfer when I graduate college. This job is unlike any of the jobs I've had before because it's a sales job and it's not in a restaurant so I'm a little nervous and don't really know what to expect. A little background....Cal Sun has 24 locations in the greater Sacramento Area and Reno. They are very successful and have a ton of room to grow (even in this economy). I have to dress professionally everyday and can't have any piercings or tattoos(not a problem) showing. You always have room to grow in this company too! I know of someone who's worked there 3 years and is already a district manager running the top 2 stores in the area and she's only 20!

I would also like to add how 'wow'ed I am that I even got the job. First off I kinda sent in the application spur of the moment not really expecting to hear anything back but did a week later. I was scheduled for what I thought would be a one on one interview which turned out to be a 20 person group interview! I seriously contemplated leaving I was SO nervous. I decided to tough it out. Half way into the interview they gave us 2 minutes to look over one of their products in front of us and get up in front of EVERYONE and try to sell it. Now of course you didn't have to get up and sell a product but you basically ruined your chances of a second interview if you didn't. So after starring at my bottle, I decided to volunteer. This is HUGE for me, I hate presentations and don't ever volunteer in my classes at school! EVER!

I had a bottle of tanning lotion named Queen. I got up in front of everyone and said something stupid like "Everyone deserves to be a Queen! Blah Blah Blah read some stuff from the bottle, this lovely dark tanning lotion smells so great, see? smell it! (took off the cap and let a few people smell it), said something about tanning being your zen time so why not do it perfect, blah blah blah this lotion is suitable for all skin types so EVERYONE can be a queen!

I seriously felt SO cheesy. I was blushing, shaking and all around a nervous wreck! No one's presentations sounded like mine so I thought I had done it wrong and got the wrong idea of 'selling my product' since I thought it sounded more like a commercial than a sale.

After the 2 hour group interview, I went home and waited. In the mean time I had another interview with Peet's Coffee. The following week, Cal Sun called me back for a 2nd interview...I was shocked! I went in did that and thought it went MUCH better than the group interview. Totally prefer one on ones better! After the interview was over she said she would call my references and let me know by the following week what her decision was.

The next day Peet's Coffee called me back for a 2nd interview. I had mixed feelings because now I liked both jobs and didn't know what to do. This whole time I had been praying that God would only line 1 job up for me so I knew what His will was. In the past I've gotten multiple job offers and didn't know which one to take so this time I prayed for 1 or none. I wanted what God wanted. So the 2nd interview with Peet's threw me off. But I interviewed again with Peet's, just in case, and thought it actually went pretty well. That was on Tuesday and she said I would hear by Friday (today) and I never heard anything. Cal Sun called me today at 2:30pm to offer me the job, I accepted feeling confident, happy and nervous. I'm thankful and know that everything will work out. God's plans are always bigger than mine. I pray I will connect well with my co-workers and will absolutely love my job!!

Thanks for listening<3

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